New DCS 30″ wall ovens

The new DCS professionally styled wall ovens will enhance your cooking experience with unrivaled power and performance. These high-tech and user friendly 30″ ovens bring advanced cooking features and numerous cooking modes with precise temperature control right into your kitchen. DCS by Fisher & Paykel designed the cooking tools of a master chef, allowing an average chef to reach new heights in culinary science. Cooking modes include True Convection, Convection Bake, Bake, Convection Pastry, Pastry Bake, Roast, Broil, Maxi Broil, Convection Broil and Warm. The notable feature is the incorporation of an advanced microprocessor to provide you with remarkably accurate temperature control within 2º F of the temperature set. Most standard ovens use simple thermostats to do the same function, and as a result the oven temperature generally fluctuates to within 18º F. The pre-heating and self-cleaning functions can be triggered with a single command, but involve much more complex and sophisticated processes. The preheat process actually exceeds the selected temperature to compensate for the loss of heat when the door is opened to place a dish in the oven. This results in more effective and accurate cook times. In the self-clean mode, a catalytic converter and active venting system also combines to reduce odor and carbon emissions by as much as 65 percent.
True Convection mode uses a fan surrounded by a hidden heating element to heat the oven space at an even temperature. This ensures a consistent baking performance, which is ideal when you are cooking multiple shelves of cookies or breads at the same time. By contrast, the Pastry Bake mode employs a different technique of traditional heat sources that cook from below. This is perfect for foods that require delicate baking and have a pastry base, like custard tarts, pies, quiches and cheesecake or anything that does not require direct heat and browning on the top. And when it come to roasting, these DCS 30″ wall ovens roast mode eliminates all the worries and guesswork, cooking a juicy, tender roast every time. You don’t need to preheat the oven. Roasting mode starts with a 20 minute searing period at around 500º F, designed to seal the juices in the roast and gives the outside a delicious crispiness similar to the result achieved by rotisserie. When the searing part is completed, the oven automatically returns to the correct cooking temperature to thoroughly and gradually cook your roast. Broiling is also convenient with three different finely tuned cook modes to enable the preparation of virtually any dish. A three-piece broil/roast system consisting of a pan, grid and rack is also included. Other features include eight shelf positions and slider racks, a Sabbath mode that includes pre-set cook functions, which can operate with minimal light cues and alarms, Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature selection, 12 and 24-hour clock, a language setting to change from U.S. English, UK English, French-Canadian and Spanish, and a self-diagnostic system that can identify specific issues or technical problems that may arise. DCS.

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