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The vintage range combines modern technology and vintage inspiration. Classic style and a basic functional form create a serious range of professional quality. As with many retro and vintage appliances today, you get vintage look with the modern technology and this range is no exception. Featuring an inventive new radiant convection heating element and fan system, the vintage range can maintain a constant temperature to within one degree. With other features like a 3500 watt, flush-mounted glass radiant broiler and a radiant bake element, both of which heat up in seconds, the vintage range saves you time while providing a professional cooking environment. Welded, ground and polished beauty, the Vintage range provides a continuous cooking surface and intuitive easy to grip knobs. The six solid brass True-Flame burners provide 92,000 BTUs of cooking power, enough for even the most inventive chef. For just $5,800 vintage range can bring you functional beauty that complements even the most elegant kitchens. Vintage appliances.

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