Samsung all new washing machine Zeus

The newest Samsung washing machine, Zeus washer gives Samsung yet another reason to pride themselves on their impressive innovations and creative design solutions. At this year’s CES Innovations Awards they are being presented with a stunning 12 awards! Among the winners of these prestigious awards is the new Zeus Washer (WF327XAB). Fabulous new technology allows this Samsung washing machine to clean clothes in cold water without the need of bleach. Not only should your clothes last longer, but you’ll be using less electricity which saves the environment and money. The Zeus Washer also features Ball Balance Technology, which ensures performance handling even on unbalanced loads. Samsung makes sure that no longer will your washing machine start to shimmy across the floor, which I’m sure the downstairs neighbours will appreciate. The Zeus washing machine shows, that with Samsung drive to create the best in consumer products, they solve problems we never even realised we had. For the previous generation of innovative washers see SilverCare Samsung washer.

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