Amana Reflection wine cabinet

The Amana Clear Glass Door wine cabinet (W208CG) is the latest addition to Amana Reflection series. Just like its predecessor, the elegant Opaque Black Glass Door wine cabinet (W208SB), the newest Amana is chic, conceptual and cool. It also allows you and your guests to admire your wine collection. Advanced humidity and ventilation systems provide three individually controlled temperature zones, creating perfect serving and long-term storage environments for white, red wines as well as champagnes. The Amana Reflection W208CG has an operating panel on its top with continuously adjustable temperature control, so you can adapt and monitor the zones to your own particular needs. A specially hinged closed area can store up to 13 bottles of red wine in room temperature, so you can uncork and pour on demand. Beautifully trimmed with stainless steel, both wine cabinets reflect your sense of style and design. 172 to 208 bottle capacity. Overall dimensions are H183 x W69 x D65 cm or 72″ x 27.17″ x 25.59″.
The price is around £2,500 or $4,696. See more from Amana Reflection line.

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