Baumatic blast chiller keeps freshly cooked food at its best

This sleek black glass and stainless steel Baumatic blast chiller from Premium Line collection offers much more than just good looks. It helps to maintain the quality of your freshly cooked food by rapidly chilling it to 3°C. Baumatic BBC460SS blast chiller uses a high-powered refrigeration system with cold air blasted laterally over the product at high speed. Once the chill or freeze cycle is complete, the chiller switches into Hold Mode to keep the food at the required temperature, 3°C if chilled or -18°C if frozen.

This blast chiller can safely blast chill from a starting temperature of +90°C up to 4 times faster than a conventional freezer. And unlike with regular methods of refrigeration where food nutrients and vitamins are lost, textures and consistencies change, due to the formation of large ice crystals which can damage food, dry it out and break down the physical structure, the blast chiller retains the quality as rapid chilling stops the formation of large ice crystals so the colour, texture, flavour, structure and nutritional value are locked in.
Further benefits include a reduction in food wastage as food left over, from a hot meal for example, can be quickly and safely chilled for later use. Besides, advance food preparation lets you create larger batches when it suits you and then chill or freeze some for later use. This makes for more efficient use of the oven and your time. Key features and functions of Baumatic BBC460SS blast chiller are,
– chiller cycle with probe
– two deep-freezing cycles with probe
– timed chiller cycle
– two timed deep-freezing cycles
– bottle cycle
– can cycle
– LED display
– door open indicator
– low performance indicator
– core probe device
– blast chilling from 90°C to 3°C
– fast freezing from 90°C to -18°C
– thermal maintenance mode
– end of cycle audible signal

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