KitchenAid shock freezer

The new KitchenAid shock freezer is preferred by the best chefs. Its revolutionary chilling and freezing technology is essential for the best food preservation. The 37 litre KitchenAid KRAB 6010 offers the perfect combination of robust design and cutting edge technology to ensure the highest food quality in any kitchen. This shock freezer can chill or freeze food in a very short time, preserving the food original characteristics without altering its taste, aroma and nutritional value, and extending shelf life by up to 3 times longer. The Blast Chilling function works from +90°C to 3°C in maximum 90 minutes and the Fast Freezing function works from +90°C to – 18°C in maximum 4 hours.

Other key benefits of this KitchenAid shock freezer include,
– drink cooling
– black back painted tempered glass
– cycle end alarm
– time operation mode
– temperature operation mode
– EasyClean stainless steel
– blue touch control
– reversible door hinges

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