Scotsman ice machine – new Brilliance residential ice machine

The newest residential ice machine from Scotsman Ice Systems, the Brilliance residential ice machine is a must for ice purists. This machine offers everything that you could ever dream about. The crystal-clear, taste-free and odorless cubes enhance the beverage experience allowing you to enjoy exceptional quality iced drinks. The cubes shape prevents them from freezing together and clumping in the glass, and also enables them to melt more slowly, ensuring that water will not excessively dilute your favourite beverage. Brilliance features a sleek, durable design that coordinates well with other appliances. You can get it with a custom wood front matching surrounding cabinetry, and this ice machine simply disappears. Easy to clean and reliable, Brilliance by Scotsman is one of the most energy-efficient machines on the market today. It produces roughly 50 pounds of ice per day, and its innovative technology enables the cuber to use less than half the energy and one-third the water of Scotsman previous residential ice machine. An electronic control panel clearly displays the machine ice production status and maintenance needs. LED indicators inform you, if the machine is on and will alert to a no-water status as well as when it is time to clean. Other features are interior light and self-closing door. In addition to its self-monitoring and energy-efficient qualities, this ice machine from Scotsman also features a water-quality sensor, which automatically adapts the system to varying water conditions by constantly measuring the water quality and automatically adjusts the purge water amount to minimize scale buildup in every type of water. As the result you have to clean machine less often. The Brilliance ice cubes will not change the flavor of the drinks, so Scotsman ice machine quite simply makes the best ice.

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