Celsius modular refrigerator of the future

Designed by Angeline Meloche, student designer from University of New South Wales, the Celsius is a modular refrigerator that consists of full-extension drawers and pantry-style cabinets, and can be configured by the consumer, according to his or her desire. Each cabinet comes with a touch-sensitive control panel, allowing to select from 5 temperature settings for proper food storage. The design idea was to maximize space usage and usability, while maintaining the footprint of a conventional fridge. Celsius also offers custom inserts for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, dairy, bottles and jars, pantry and wine as well as optional shelf space. Additional modules can be purchased to meet changing needs. This modular refrigerator offers professional food storage right at home and minimizes food wastage by separating foods while creating a hygienic and convenient storage environment. Double-glazed tinted doors, LCD screen, adjustable feet, recessed handle grooves and streamlined glass panels.


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