Gaggenau modular refrigeration – new Gaggenau refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers

The all new modular refrigeration line from Gaggenau offers many possibilities and the widest range of combinations among modular refrigerator, freezer and wine cooling columns. Previously available exclusively for professional kitchens, the modular refrigerators can be built into entire cooling wall creating a clean, modern homogeneous look and storing meat, produce and beverages literally within your arm reach. Employing revolutionary technology and perfected cooling systems, and similar at least conceptually to Thermador Freedom refrigerator collection, Gaggenau modular refrigeration system creates ideal environment achieving perfect temperature and favorable climate and keeping your groceries flavorful and fresh.
Available in 18″, 24″ or 30″ widths, these fully integrated appliances are truly built-in and can fit with your existing cabinetry, or designed with stainless steel or aluminum doors. High-quality stainless steel interior satisfies all demands for convenience and hygiene. Gaggenau also introduced a brand new lighting concept with light pillars on each side and ceiling mounted spotlights offering perfect visibility. Shown above are three of the new modular column refrigeration appliances combined to create a full storage center – a freezer with an ice and water dispenser, a refrigerator column and a wine storage with a glass door. Each modular refrigeration unit is 24 inches wide and fully integrated into surrounding cabinetry. Easily adjustable glass shelves and a motorized top shelf, high-quality stainless steel clad interior walls, and solid aluminum door bins. The freezers contain an ice maker and a direct water connection. Additionally, the new modular column refrigeration appliances are the quietest of their class and very energy efficient.
The Vario Cooling refrigerators are available in two models – the 30″ wide RC 472 shown above with the modular RF 471 freezer with no ice and water dispensers, and the 24″ wide RC 462 column. The RC 472 boasts a net volume of 477 litres, whereas the very similar RC 462 has 365 liter capacity. The modular RC 472 refrigerator column, shown here with an open door displaying a high-end interior encased with stainless steel, light pillars on each side, height adjustable glass shelves and a motorized top shelf. The modular RF 471 freezer column has a stainless steel interior, spacious aluminum door bins and an ice maker with direct water connection. The perfect cooling combination in stainless steel, like those found in the professional kitchen, is also available in aluminum or with fully integrated individual panels. A large cooling drawer is designed specially for fish, meat, poultry and produce where temperature can be controlled from 35°F to 46°F. The freezer has electronic temperature control from 7°F to – 9°F and features adjustable solid metal shelves, fully extendable drawers with a transparent front and an integrated ice maker for approximately 8.8 lbs of ice cubes. The same freezer is also available as the 18 inch wide RF 411, or the 24 inch wide RF 461.
The two RW 464 wine coolers from the modular column refrigeration series are shown side by side. Two separately adjustable temperature zones, for red and white wine, or for storage and tempering of both at the same time. You can display your prized collection through a glass door in either, integrated configuration or with an aluminum or stainless steel frame as shown. Interior light, even with closed doors highlights your treasure. This modular wine cooler features extendable aluminum and beech trays designed with the ability to hold magnum bottles, display trays for bottle presentation, and aluminum shelves for opened bottles and decanters. You can integrate these modular wine cellar columns with each column refrigerator and freezer. Two temperature zones are independently controlled and can be adjusted in range from 40°F to 65°F. The 24 inch wide wine cooler holds up to 103 bottles. The 18 inch wide column holds up to 71 bottles.
At 36 inches wide, the RB 491 bottom freezer refrigerator carries all advantages of the new modular refrigeration columns in one large refrigerator freezer, with total net capacity of 530 litres. Large refrigerator door opens to 115 degrees, giving you plenty of room and access and enabling the three large drawers to fully extend. Below the large stainless steel drawer is the split freezer compartment. An integrated ice maker holds up to 3.3 lbs of ice cubes and has a direct water connection. Two spotlights illuminate for a better interior view. This all-encompassing appliance also features the high-end signature interior of the modular column refrigeration series, with stainless steel, aluminum and glass, in addition to perfect illumination. The RB 491 bottom freezer comes with adjustable storage shelves made out of security glass, including a motorized top shelf, raising and lowering even when fully loaded. The electronic temperature control for the refrigeration zone ranges from 35°F to 46°F. In the freezer zone and in the freezer drawer, electronic temperature control ranges from 7°F to -9°F.
The RY 491 bottom freezer refrigerator features French doors and a freezer drawer. Inconspicuously integrated into the cabinetry or with a stainless steel or aluminum front, this 36 inch wide French door refrigerator has high-end stainless steel interior with bright illumination, security glass shelves and a motorized top shelf. The refrigeration compartment features wide opening doors and a conveniently divided freezer drawer with an integrated ice maker. The other features are very similar to the RB 491 bottom freezer modular refrigeration column. Bringing the professional style fully integrated refrigeration is easy with the new Gaggenau Modular Refrigeration line.

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