Daewoo refrigerator with black mirror doors

With its black reflective doors and chrome handles, the ‘A’ energy rated FRS T20FAM Daewoo refrigerator is both elegant and practical. The side by side refrigerator has water and ice dispenser, and a digital control system with LCD display on the freezer side, and a built-in mini bar with hinged door/shelf on the fridge compartment side. Thus, if you use wine, juice and milk frequently, there is no need to open the main door and inside temperature fluctuations are kept to minimum. Daewoo also equipped this refrigerator with a dual fan convection cooling system, Fuzzy Logic and multi sensing monitoring system that constantly checks the environment to maintain optimal conditions. Both the 174-liter freezer and the 339 liter refrigerator compartments use nano-silver for its antimicrobial properties. Other key benefits include 4-start No Frost freezer with 3 glass shelves, 2 transparent drawers and 5 door bins. Refrigerator section features 4 glass shelves, 3 transparent drawers, 5 door storage bins. Daewoo.


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