Indesit refrigerator – new Trilogic

The 419-liter 3-door Trilogic is new No Frost Indesit refrigerator which will offer latest technologies, practical solutions and maximum flexibility together with environmentally friendly design and features. Not sure when it is coming to the stores near you and at what price. The ergonomic fridge is designed in response to numerous consumer requests and suggestions and has spacious interior, sleek appearance and is perfectly suited for a consumer who wants more than just a plain looking refrigerator. The 3-door design is convenient and helps organizing food in a way that you can easily find exactly what you need. The 70 wide Indesit refrigerator also comes with electronic controls, special hygiene monitoring system and features several glass shelves, crisp drawers, bottle rack and door bins and is energy ‘A’ rated. Refrigerator capacity is 296 liters, freezer capacity is 123 liters. Indesit.

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