La Glaciere antique refrigerator

Achieve the art and luxury of classic turn-of-the-century style combined with the conveniences of modern technology with the La Glaciere antique refrigerator. The La Glaciere has a limited production of just 2,000 units worldwide and is expertly constructed using only the finest materials with a meticulous attention to detail. The outside of this antique refrigerator is crafted from solid French oak and is adorned with solid brass fittings for a unique antique feel. Each refrigerator is fitted with a solid brass plate embellished with your name and an engraved number plate. Inside the antique refrigerator is a modern marvel, featuring the beauty and simplicity of satin finished stainless steel lining and shelves, along with various compartments for ideal food storage. Measuring 1,250 mm wide x 1,740 mm high x 760 mm deep, the La Glaciere makes an impressive statement, the perfect marriage between modern amenities, luxury, and antique craftsmanship. The price is £7,050 or $13,310 USD.

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