Rangemaster fridge – Side-by-Side refrigerator from Rangemaster

Stylish and modern, the new Rangemaster fridge – SXS Side-by-Side refrigerator offers technological advancement along with timeless beauty. Available in cream, black and stainless steel, the SXS Rangemaster fridge comes with a host of practical features, including crushed and cubed ice making, a filtered, chilled water dispenser and spacious frost-free compartments to preserve your food at the right conditions regardless of the outside temperature. The SXS also featured Fuzzy logic processor, which controls internal temperature using five sensors that constantly monitor the external ambient conditions around the fridge/freezer while the intelligent processor maintains an even temperature inside, thus making the most economic use of energy. The refrigerator side also has eight separate cooling zones for optimum freshness. These refrigerators were designed to coordinate perfectly with Rangemaster line of range cookers, such as the Excel dual fuel cooker. A beautiful appliance that thinks for itself – the SXS Rangemaster fridge from Rangemaster.

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