Northland refrigerator – all new model 60SS

The all new Northland refrigerator (60SS) is a large, commercial style, built-in refrigerator, and the perfect way to show off your chops as a professional chef. Northland helps you to make an impressive statement with the 39.3 cubic feet of total storage -15.1 cubic feet of freezer storage with ice maker, and 24.2 cubic feet of refrigerator storage. Made from attractive and durable stainless steel both inside and out, this Northland refrigerator is the industry first 60 inch wide side-by-side, and is the ideal unit for all your food storage needs. Separate cooling systems, stainless steel framed shelves with crystal clear tempered glass, Master Flo slotted freezer shelf, convenient split door bins and clear crispers round out the features of this all encompassing refrigerator. Whether you are feeding the entire family or entertaining with a vast holiday feast – compliment your professional kitchen with the 60SS Northland refrigerator.

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