New Neff French Door refrigerator

With introduction of the French Door refrigerator, CoolingMania Trio K7791, Neff brings a new, high performance refrigerator freezer to your kitchen doorstep. Designed to fulfill every desire, this refined stainless steel refrigerator has large fridge compartment with double door and space for everything. Electronically controlled Trio comes with MultiAirFlow dynamic cooling system, offering the best conditions to preserve the freshness of food for longer. Features include integrated ice dispenser, fresh foods telescopic drawer, 3 glass shelves, 2 fully extendable fruit and vegetable drawers, intensive cooling and freezing, open door alarm and halogen lighting. Ergonomically designed freezer has telescopic drawer, perfect for storing frozen fish, meats and vegetables, while large main freezer space can take every kind of food. No Frost technology prevents formation and built up of ice, while special AirFresh filter eliminates odors, keeping smells away from your food. The new CoolingMania Trio is practically silent, and its streamline design allows for that perfectly flush fit with your cabinets for sleek and seamless appearance. Neff. Previously, Neff RC refrigerator and Side by Side American fridge freezer.

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