Siemens coolConcept refrigeration line

The new Siemens coolConcept line offers 4 different cooling appliances, allowing you to store different foods in the most appropriate cooling environments. A total of 12 models, available in 3 heights, lets you create a cooling assembly to meet all your needs. The coolConcept combines the latest technology and luxurious design and features – from antibacterial interior to noFrost defrosting, from door-opening assistance and freezer BigBox to LED lighting – all while saving more space and energy than ever before.
You can now purchase and install any or all cooling and freezing compartments with any features you wish, putting together even all twelve premium, ‘A++’ energy rated units, storing every food you can imagine, as long as the budget allows. Siemens goes out of the way to design this very spacious, energy efficient refrigeration line with the most usable interior space, innovative lighting and intelligent control system. The built-in coolConcept appliances come with hidden hinges, without ventilation grilles for a completely unobtrusive integrated look. The doors close smoothly and very quietly. Siemens.


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