Bottom freezer French Door refrigerator

The 90cm wide Gaggenau RY 491 is a stylish bottom freezer French Door refrigerator that actually measures full 91.4 cm in width, or pretty much 36″ even. This model is available in U.S. and Europe. Equipped with Gaggenau Multi-Air-Flow system for dynamic distribution of cool air to ensure equal temperature levels on all shelves, the bottom freezer refrigerator belongs to the Vario Series and offers all its advantages, boasting a 392 litre net volume in the fridge zone and a 138 litre capacity in the freezing zone. The spacious bottom freezer drawer is subdivided for perfect control of the contents and has an additional drawer on the inside, which can also be pulled out completely while French door design allows easy access anywhere in the cooling section which is illuminated by a newly designed light pillars on each side and ceiling-mounted spotlights for perfect visibility. The drawer also holds an integrated ice maker with a direct water connection for 1.5 kg of fresh ice. And the highest quality stainless steel interior provides professional kitchen grade hygiene for your foods. The adjustable safety glass shelves with aluminium profiles include one motorised and adjustable shelf letting you make the most out of the available space.

Other features of this bottom freezer French Door refrigerator are the activated charcoal filter to keep unwanted odours out, electronically controlled temperature range from -14°C to -25°C, frost free technology and flexible, adjustable door racks made from anodised aluminium. Seen in stores for around $7,500 in U.S. and 6,500 € in Europe. Gaggenau.
French Door double drawer bottom freezer refrigerator
French Door bottom freezer refrigerator
Gaggenau modular refrigeration

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