Top freezer refrigerator from Liebherr

The 75cm wide top freezer refrigerator, Liebherr CTNes 4753 is a premium top mount refrigerator offering generous fridge space for those who enjoy eating fresh food and entertaining. With its 329 litres capacity and ‘A+’ energy efficiency rating, the refrigerator uses less electricity, reducing your bills as well as carbon footprint. It also finished in Liebherr SmartSteel. This technologically advanced finger-print-free stainless steel does not show greasy marks, ensuring brand new look for years to come. Offering a small NoFrost freezer, these top freezer refrigerators are perfect for those with a love of fresh food, but need just enough freezer space for a tub of luxury ice cream, few frozen bags of vegetables or high end meats and sushi-quality fish. To alert of dropping temperatures or power failure, Liebher incorporated both an audible and visual alarm. A time controlled automatic SuperFrost function is also included, perfect for food straight from the supermarket shelves that could potentially raise the temperature within the freezer. Measuring 186H x 75W x 63D cm, the CTNes 4753 top mount fridge freezer retails for approximately £1,200. Liebherr.

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