Thermador Culinary Preservation Columns


Whether you entertain during the week, weekend or special holidays, you can select Thermador Culinary Preservation Columns for your specific entertaining style. A weekend cook requires more fresh food storage while a holiday entertainer needs more wine storage.


Thermador has seen a swift increase in new and unique configurations of refrigerator-freezers. Highly customized Culinary Preservation Centers are emerging within the kitchen and throughout the home to provide a seamless entertaining experience, as well as to accommodate relaxation and leisure time of the host once the guests have departed, such as in the study or home library.

In order to accommodate gatherings of any size for any occasion, and ensure hand-selected ingredients are incredibly flavorful and fresh when it is time to begin the meal preparation, ample refrigeration in the kitchen is essential for preserving produce, fresh seafood, meat and other ingredients. Because the meals are prepared with locally-sourced ingredients, and quite often any leftovers are sent home with guests, there is less need for a large freezer to store pre-made or leftover dishes. Rather, a smaller freezer space is needed to preserve items such as frozen desserts (such as homemade sorbet) or ice to chill cocktails. Additionally, a wine refrigerator is also necessary to ensure that guests visiting for the weekend, or stopping by for an afternoon, will always have a perfectly chilled vintage available.

An ideal Culinary Preservation Center for a Weekend Entertainer may have a 30″ Thermador refrigerator column alongside a 30″ bottom-freezer refrigerator and an 18″ wine column – all located within the kitchen. This configuration and location ensures the host can easily store and access cooking ingredients, ice, wine and any chilled treats to serve guests – no matter the type or size of the gathering, or the location of the event within the home. The kitchen is the hub from which any gathering will become a spectacular occasion that is discussed throughout the week until it is time to gather again. See more at Thermador.

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