Kenwood food chopper with Quad Blade system

The Kenwood CH250 is a highly practical and functional food chopper that helps you quickly prepare herbs, nuts, dips or baby food. Thanks to the Kenwood stainless steel Quad Blade system that works twice as fast as typical two blades, you can crash ice in matter of seconds. A beautifully designed food chopper, the CH250 features brushed die-cast body, 500 watt motor, one touch control and 500ml capacity.

The multi blade chopper Quad Blade system combines two tiered sets of blades, so it can process larger amounts of food. And if you worry about over chopping, the top set of blades can be easily removed.
With the 2-speed push down control, you can intuitively tune the blade speed – just by applying more or less pressure on the push down lid lever. Thus you have greater control over finished results.
In addition, the multi blade food chopper CH250 has non slip base, safety interlock and dishwasher safe parts. In stores for just around £30. Kenwood.
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