Sunbeam Mixmaster from Cafe Series

Made of robust high quality materials with chromed highlights, easy-clean surfaces and intuitive controls, the Sunbeam Cafe Series Mixmaster offers a planetary mixing action, patented instant pause button, integrated timer, variable speed control and lift assisted head release button.

Sunbeam planetary Mixmaster allows you to check on mixing progress or add ingredients at a specific time – its LCD timer function can be set to count up or down as needed. When the time has completed, the mixing action will automatically stop. The LCD screen also shows the mixing speed. When the Mixmaster is not in use, the in-built timer can be used as a kitchen timer, up to 90 minutes.
The patented Instant Pause function can be activated by the button, located in the middle of the dial. You can stop the mixing action with one quick touch to add ingredients or check on the mixing results. If you repress the pause button, Mixmaster resumes mixing with the same speed and time settings as before stoppage.
Sunbeam Head Release function lifts the mixing head when you press the large button which is conveniently located on the back corner of the mixer. The mixer head can be easily released and lifted with one hand, due to the strong hinge that easily takes the weight of the motor. Lifting the head during the mixing, shuts motor power. In addition, a in-built safety switch ensures that the mixer only starts when the head is tilted downwards and securely locked in.
Other key features and accessories of the Sunbeam Mixmaster from Cafe Series include 1.0 kW, 12-speed variable motor, full die-cast body with sintered metal gears, 4.5 litre stainless steel mixing bowl, die-cast beater, scrapemaster spatula beater, whisk and dough hook. Price is $500 AUD. Available in silver, graphite, red and white. Sunbeam.

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