Kenwood Cooking Chef with induction cooking

A perfect gift for those who favours Kenwood kitchen machines and were patiently waiting for the latest. The new versatile Kenwood Cooking Chef does it all, even allowing an integrated induction cooking right in the 6.7 litre mixing bowl, thanks to its 1.1 kW induction element. With its powerful 1.5 kW planetary mixing, 3 litre cooking and mixing capacity, and steam basket that fits on top of the bowl and can be used in the same way as a conventional steamer for vegetables, chicken, seafood and desserts, Kenwood Cooking Chef is perfect kitchen machine, capable of cooking variety of meals for the entire family and guests. Wide and precisely controlled temperature range from 20°C to 140°C lets you do everything from gentle warming to real cooking.
Other Chef main features at a glance include,
– continuous mixing function while cooking
– LED timer and temperature display
– pulse speed for up to 14,000 RPM for high speed blending
– variable speed control with 8 settings
– safety interlocks on bowl, splash guard, head lift, outlet covers and heating function
– numerous attachments for chopping, slicing, shredding, blending, crushing

Several of 8 standard attachments for Kenwood Cooking Chef, with 12 more optional available.
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