New Breville blenders – the BBL800 and 800BLXL

The new BBL800 is the most powerful Breville blender ever designed. Made with durable stainless and die cast alloys, this blender has fewer parts for easy and safe cleaning. Efficient 1500 Watt high torque motor runs incredibly smoothly and blends quickly. The blender base is very stable, while 4 button control panel is ergonomically angled for simple and safe use. Breville made a concerted effort to reduce noise and vibration, designing extra large, surgical grade serrated stainless blade with precision shaped wing tips and tuned cutting edges, and 2 litre lightweight and shatterproof polycarbonate jug with an extra wide opening to minimise food traps – Kinetix Blade and Bowl System, so this blender operation is quiet indeed. Non slip handle, smoothie and ice crush functions allow you to make pesto, whip cream, chop nuts and mince meat. As always, your safety is key priority at Breville and the blender incorporates 3 safety features – an interlock that electronically blocks the blade assembly on the base without the jug, the overlapping jug collar which stops the jug if knocked off the base and 3 process over-moulded lid that includes a patent pending Breville Assist loop, allowing a tight fit to stop accidental popping-off and aid removal. Price for the BBL800 Breville blender is $300 AUD.
In US, you can buy a very similar blender, the 800BLXL, which comes with 67 ounce jug, 4 backlit buttons and 1000 Watt motor that runs Hemisphere Bowl and Blade System with 4 chopping and 2 processing blades. Price is $300 USD. See also Breville Ikon blender.

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