New cordless blender – Ariete Freedom 3-in-1 cordless food processor

This new multifunction cordless blender from Ariete puts you firmly in control of all food processing needs. The compact Freedom 3-in-1 cordless food processor is battery powered and has 3 attachments for mixing, chopping and mincing. As the result, you have versatile, always ready to use and simple to operate cordless blender with comfortable ergonomic grip. Features are rechargeable battery, base support with charging status indicator, variable speed, dual start button, stainless steel double whip mixer, stainless steel blade mincer with cup and cover, and chopper cup with stainless steel blades and lid. So if you decide to go cordless, this is one very cool blender to have, however, it seems that Ariete Freedom is available only in Italy at this point. We suggest to consider Breville cordless food processor instead.

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