Sunbeam blender – MultiBlender Electronic

The PB7950 MultiBlender Electronic is the powerful Sunbeam blender made of rigid, die cast aluminium and featuring seven electronically controlled, programmable blending functions which, combined with traditional manual functions, guarantee perfect blending results every time. Heavy duty, six way, serrated stainless steel blade system provides not only excellent blending performance, but also helps to reduce the loading on the motor, resulting in quieter operation and longer motor life. The blades are also detachable for easy cleaning. This Sunbeam blender also has an innovative clear elastic cover across the entire control panel surface. This provides a watertight seal around all 11 function buttons and removes the risk of liquid getting into the main housing. Another advantage this cover provides is that the button graphics are captured beneath 2 mm of plastic ensuring the graphics will never rub off regardless how much abuse the buttons receive. The 1.6 litre glass jug comes with the lid which has an integral silicone seal to reduce the risk of spillage. The lid also features a clear measuring cap in the centre that comes complete with liquid measurement graphics. Blue neon lights illuminate when the blender is ON. The price for the MultiBlender Electronic Sunbeam blender is $130 AUD. Sunbeam. Previously, conical burr coffee grinder.

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