Breville Smart grill with dishwasher-safe grill plates

This innovative Breville Smart grill offers Element IQ technology, which compensates for the temperature drop when cold food is added to the preheated surface. It electronically injects heat into the plates for rapid recovery and optimal cooking temperature, thus allowing for faster cooking with a barbecue-quality sear and sizzle. Once high temperature grilling on both sides quickly seals in flavours, you are going to treat yourselves and guests for the best steak ever. Best of all, Breville integrated grill plates can be clipped out and dropped into the dishwasher. Smart Grill with Element IQ for fast high heat and removable dishwasher-safe plates – what else you can ask for? Well, may be for non-stick cooking surfaces. You got just that as the cooking surface is coated with a triple layer titanium reinforced Quantanium for the toughest non-stick finish. And you can also interchange the grill plates from ribbed to flat.

Electronic heat control permits you to easily and accurately control the cooking surface temperature. Using the large LCD that has been designed with original change colour technology to indicate when desired cooking temperature has been reached, the electronics will manage how much energy is actually required to heat the plates and will adjust accordingly. The Breville Smart Grill also successfully combines closed and open grilling positions. Both grill plates can be positioned flat or angled to suit your needs. The plates are designed in a unique way that releases fats and other liquids into an integrated drip tray, allowing for a simple and easy cleaning. Other main features include durable stainless steel construction, 2.4 kW embedded heating elements, adjustable plate tilt, temperature conversion button, temperature and time dials, count down timer and cast aluminium plates. Sells for approximately $400 AUD. Breville.

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