Kenmore Elite refrigerators – 2010 Line

Kenmore brings fresh, contemporary design, smart features and wide-open spaces to its revamped refrigerator line, enabling consumers to make the most of usable refrigerator capacity without sacrificing precious kitchen space. The new 2010 Kenmore Elite line, including an ice and water dispensing, bottom freezer French Door refrigerator with the most usable capacity available, helps Americans make room for the things that matter most. When does 28 cubic feet of space feel like 29? It comes down to usable capacity. The Kenmore Elite 28 cu. ft. Trio refrigerator can store an impressive 465 cans of soda – 51 more cans than the competition 29 cu. ft. refrigerator and more than any other leading brand of ice and water-dispensing, bottom freezer refrigerator. Due to the innovative design of the Slim In-Door Icemaker, the new Kenmore Elite Trio Ice and Water Refrigerator combines practical capacity with chic design elements.

Key Elite Trio features include,
– flawless and sleek design features including redesigned, elegant and easier-to-grip handles on stylish, contoured doors with hidden hinges
– full-color LCD display and intuitive SmoothTouch controls are convenient to select temperatures and settings
– multiple-level interior LED lighting saves energy and provides a sleek look and feel
– slim in-door Ice maker, tucked inside the door, allows storage in the door and 100% top shelf storage, providing more usable space and an organized interior
– Tilt-N-Take freezer drawer provides for convenient access to frozen foods without pulling out the entire drawer and can also hold up to 88 lbs. of food, thanks to the robust geared rail system
– an airtight crisper helps retain moisture in vegetables longer, vegetables stored in the airtight crisper dry out four times slower when compared to a standard crisper bin
– Multi Air Flow Technology circulates fresh, cold air evenly into every nook and cranny to keep all the contents of the refrigerator chilled properly, so Jell-O molds set firmly without freezing the milk
– new GeniusCool Technology provides smooth, quiet operation and exceeds Energy Star guidelines
More is better, especially when it comes to ease of use and usable storage capacity. To suit the design of any kitchen, Kenmore new refrigerators come in 3 colors including stainless steel, black and white. The Elite Trio Ice and Water refrigerator retails for $2,800 in white and black and $3,100 in stainless steel.
The Kenmore Elite 27 cu. ft. side-by-side refrigerator provides a sleek, stylish look with contoured doors and a flush, integrated, tall dispenser that makes it easy to fill pitchers, coffee pots and water bottles while virtually disappearing into the door. The Elite side-by-side refrigerator retails for a manufacturer suggested retail price of $2,300 in stainless steel, $2,000 in white and black. Kenmore.
Kenmore Elite refrigerator with 4 doors
Kenmore Trio refrigerator in Black Pearl
Kenmore Elite freezerless refrigerator

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