Fontana Forni wood burning ovens

The indirect combustion wood ovens by Fontana Forni are easier to install and use than the traditional refractory ovens. You can also cook for many hours uninterruptedly, avoiding the inconvenience of preheating, typical of traditional ovens. These wood burning ovens consume just 4 kg of wood to prepare up to 4 different types of food, which is at least 5 times less than refractory wood ovens would use.

Fontana Forni offers 4 lines of wood burning ovens – Platinum, Gold, Built-in and Uniko. Key elements include traditional vault-shaped cooking chamber for uniform heat distribution, removable dishwasher-safe stainless steel panels for easy cleaning, double ventilation for best cooking results, professional-grade thermometer and timer, and trolley. Fontana Forni.

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