Wood burning range cookers from Haas+Sohn

The robust wood fed range cookers from Haas+Sohn return fire to the place where it belongs – your kitchen. The combination of innovative technology, functionality and modern looks makes the wood burning range cookers perfect match for every modern kitchen. With its beautiful design and authentic wood burning performance, the rustic Haas+Sohn range can be installed as free-standing, slide-in or embedded in a kitchen block. Burn firewood, Eco briquettes or coal.

The latest wood burning range cooker features Haas+Sohn patented clean burning technology, low emission combustion chamber with hot coated metal sheets, 81% efficiency, 7.0 kW output and stylish design accents. In addition, you can warm up to 140 cubic meter space.
The ranges are available in several full enameled glossy colors in standard 90cm, 75cm or 60cm widths. You can also get some models in 85cm or 75cm. The long lasting, easily cleaned finishes are extremely durable and scratch resistant, while ergonomically designed handles and oven racks are made of highest quality stainless steel. Haas+Sohn. Previously, Yeoman stoves.

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