Razen new contemporary wood burning cookstove

The new Razen cookstove uniquely combines contemporary design with fast efficient cooking and heating, burning regular wood instead of higher cost fuels and providing 10 kW of heat output. The air inlet control and damping capability ensure you can maintain an efficient fire for long periods. Cookstove firebox is capable of taking 49cm timber logs, so you don’t have to do too much wood chopping. Adjustable firebed ensures that small fires will burn as comfortable as large ones. And if you want to simply enjoy the fire and let cookstove warm your home instead of saving the heat for cooking, just remove a heat shield from firebox opening. For the most effective wood burning, Razen fuel bed is designed to retain a layer of ash. Excessive ash falls into the ashpan below for hassle free removal.

The hotplate provides a large, 80cm x 50cm work surface for boiling, simmering and warming, giving you plenty of room to shuffle pans, dishes and keep plates warm. Positioned directly above the firebox, the hotspot becomes hot and ready for use within seconds of lighting the fire, and remains the hottest part of the hotplate. Moving away from the hotspot, the temperature gradually reduces for simmering and warming. Razen designed cookstove oven in such a way, that the flue gases from the firebox are directed around the outside of the oven on all sides – left, right, top, bottom and back, ensuring that the oven is heated evenly. The tall interior allows you to place food at different levels to make use of the oven temperature gradient from top to bottom. A shelf thermometer shows you the temperature at a specific point in the oven. The stainless steel shelves and supports are removable for easy cleaning.
Cookstove controls are conveniently located on the top of the stove. There are two main controls – one to govern the burning rate of the fire and the other to direct the heat to the hotplate or the oven, or balance between the two. A flue damper limits the effect of strong chimneys. Weighing just around 200kg and measuring under W90 x D60 x H90 cm, this contemporary wood burning cookstove comes with 4 levelling feet and 6″ flue outlet, positioned centrally on the top. The heat shielding around the stove allows for a seamless integration with your kitchen, while wood is stored between the legs of the stove. Razen. Available exclusively from RN’s Home & Heating for £2,359. Also, contemporary wood stoves from Conmoto.

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