Icona Mirror pellet stove from Caminetti Montegrappa

Caminetti Montegrappa makes modern, highly efficient stoves, both pellet and wood burning. The elegant Icona Mirror comes with advanced forced convection system in simple rectangular sheet-steel body finished in red, black, white or grey with the mirror glass door. You can get Icona as wall mounted stove also.

This pellet stove features Caminetti Automatic Power System that automatically regulates the thermal output to maintain constant heat, according to the actual demand of your room. Once the requested temperature is reached, Icona keeps it as long as needed, avoiding uncomfortable and economically unfavourable temperature jumps. The APS considers three parameters – the starting temperature, requested temperature and the time needed to reach it.
Available in water heating stove configuration as well, Icona Mirror optimizes the fuel consumption with the help of the Combustion Control Kit. This device adapts itself to the different pellet types, to the different installation solutions, to the sea level, to the burner and heat exchanger cleanliness, thus ensuring a highly efficient combustion process with minimal consumption of pellets and maintenance. 6.0 kW or 9.0 kW heat output, 93% burning efficiency, optional multifunctional remote control. Prices vary, you can find the air-heating 6.0 kW Icona Mirror pellet stove for around € 1,250 and the 9.0 kW model for € 1,450. Water heating stoves sell for around € 700 more. Caminetti Montegrappa.

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