Miele LiquidWash eco friendly washing machines

Miele LiquidWash cuts detergent use by up to 30%. Today we are increasingly turning to liquid detergents, not least because liquids do not form clumps as powders do in damp environments. Liquid detergent, though, does have a tendency to spill, run down the packaging, soil hands and leave unsightly marks on worktops. Miele W 1949 WPS LiquidWash belongs to the line of eco friendly washing machines with the automatic dispensing, offering a clean, efficient and extremely convenient solution while minimizing our impact on environment. The W 1949 WPS LiquidWash features a dispenser pump connected via a hose to an external supply tank. Automatic liquid dispensing is fully automatic, extremely reliable and also unbeatably simple to use. Automatic dispensing is simply selected from the controls and the user is prompted to select a degree of soiling between Light and Very Heavy. Detergent is dispensed accordingly.

Equally simple is the on-off programming of the automatic liquid dispensing system. Modifications of quantities is only required when switching detergent brands. A quick glance at the transparent container for liquid detergent provides information on the amount of detergent available. The container with a capacity of 5 litres can be installed on the lid of the washing machine, next to the unit or on a neighbouring shelf.
Automatic dispensing, selectable in all programs provided by such eco friendly machines has clear economic and ecological benefits. Over the course of a year, up to 30% detergent can be saved. Allergy sufferers will value the fact that the risk of physical contact with detergent is eliminated entirely. And sticky smears are a thing of the past.
Miele LiquidWash can stand up to any comparison when it comes to consumption. With 55 liters of water and 1.05 kWh electricity, this washing machine is ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency, even on less-than-full loads thanks to dynamic consumption. Alongside standard programs for cotton textiles or minimum-iron garments, this washing machine also features special programmes such as Express 20, Automatic Plus, Intensive Plus, Dark Items/Denim as well as the programmable options Extra Quiet and Pre-wash with Pre-soak. This offers untold opportunities to wash textiles gently according to their specific needs, right down to low-temperature washing at 20°C or Cold.
LiquidWash naturally also allows powder or liquid detergent to be dispensed manually when needed. The innovative AutoClean detergent dispenser, launched by Miele last year, is flushed clean by an intermittent jet of water in each wash cycle to forcefully dislodge and dissolve detergent residue. A special surface finish supports cleaning by providing a smooth, non-stick surface.
Eco friendly LiquidWash has a capacity of up to 7 kg of laundry and, like all other Miele washing machines, features Miele patented honeycomb drum. Its special sculptured pattern is designed to protect textiles: The honeycomb structure protects garments by creating a thin film of water between the drum and the laundry, allowing the load to slide effortlessly without friction. During spinning, hole penetration and therefore laddering is greatly reduced, thanks to the small diameter of the drum perforations. And Miele even has an official endorsement to prove it,issued by Germany leading WFK laundry-research institute.

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