Maytag integrated washer with 2,000 RPM spin

The newest Maytag washing machine, the integrated MWA0720IIA offers higher spin speeds, lessening drying times and saving energy. Delivering the whole nine yards to meet increasing demands of European consumers, this washing machine offers an incredible performance with a formidable top spin speed of 2,000 RPM for cottons. Striving to provide an excellent all-round package that combines great design and superior quality, Maytag achieves just that with a sleek, one-line LCD electronic display panel, durable and recyclable stainless steel and microprocessor control system. The washer is also height adjustable to 30mm and can be ordered with accompanying doors in stainless steel, white, gloss black or furniture finish to match cabinetry.
The technologically advanced Maytag washing machine carries rating of ‘A+AA’ for energy, washing and spin performances, and is able to assess and execute the requirements for each wash. Low water levels, a maximum noise level capped at 76 dBA, tough and lasting stainless steel drum with a generous capacity of 7kg enable the washer to cope easily with a large range of clothes and bulkier items while keeping noise and resource expenses to the minimum. Maytag also utilizes the Quattro construction of 4 power dampers attached to steel base plate to ensure machine is virtually vibration free and strong door hinges to take the weight of stainless steel door or a furniture door for integration. No bellows between the tub and the cabinet means there is nothing to leak or wear out, or gather limescale, mould or slime

Key features and benefits of the Maytag MWA0720IIA integrated washing machine include,
– 17 programs to cope with every need of your busy household
– intuitive and easy to use LCD display set by single jog wheel
– Autowash with intelligent SensiSave system to automatically optimise water, time and energy
– Stain program for removing up to 9 stain types
– Time program for the best wash performance in the time set
– Memory program remembers last wash for one-button start the next time
– Quick wash takes 35 minutes for sluicing through garments
– Intensive rinse option with up to 7 rinses for those that are sensitive to detergents
– Dedicated wool program
– Anti-crease cycle to keep ironing to the minimum
– Super pre-soak option for up to 2 hours for very stubborn stains
– Delayed start for up to 24 hours to take advantage of cheaper electricity tariffs
– Display may be set in one of 11 language options
– 7-fold water safe system minimising leaks and protecting from flooding
The MWA0720IIA Maytag washing machine also comes with a clever auto-door opening at the end of the cycle so you can see that your integrated washing machine has finished. Sells for around £1,350. Maytag.
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