Miele washing machines with 8kg capacity

The LiquidWash Miele W 5968 belongs to the new generation of ‘AAA’ rated Miele washing machines with an 8kg load capacity and perfect gentle fabric care. Taking convenience to a whole different level, Miele outfits these new washing machines with unique stain program with stain removal guide while covering 22 typical stain categories. Wherever necessary, up to 3 stain types can be combined per washing cycle with parameters automatically adjusted to suit the selected stain types. Meanwhile, the display provides further useful context-sensitive tips on how to deal with stains.
For ultimate gentle laundry care, these washing machines have honeycomb drum and offer the widest program ranged tailored to specific textiles. Simply select an appropriate program and leave the thinking to the machine. Miele programs include Automatic+, Cotton, Synthetic, Delicate, Express 20, Dark Apparel, Jeans, Wool Textile and Hand Washable, Silk, Shirts, Sport Textiles, Athletic Shoes, Pillows, Water Save, Stuffed Animals, Sheers, Modern Textiles, Hygiene, New Clothes, Drain/Spin, Extra Rinse/Sizing.

Other options and features include Prewash, Dipping, Short, Hydro Plus, Extra-Quiet, Spots, child lock, chrome door with glazed exterior, 400 to 1600 rpm spin speed range, anti-unbalance and anti-vibration provisions and extra quiet induction motor. Price is 1,530 €. Miele.
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