Reinventing the laundry room – fully integrated machine by ASKO

ASKO has completely reinvented the laundry room as we know it with the pioneering UltraCare Laundry System. The fully integrated laundry can become a nice addition to your master bedroom or kitchen. You don’t have to hide your washer and dryer in a laundry room or a basement. With the world most coordinated W6903FI washer and T793FI dryer, ASKO UltraCare system is the first ever completely fully integrated laundry and gives you the performance and functionality to match the looks.
Gone the regular laundry procedure where you carry dirty laundry all the way to the basement or out-of-the-way tiny laundry room, fold it and then carry it back to the bedrooms on the second floor. Now, you can put your integrated laundry units in a master closet or right in a bedroom, concealing it with your matching mahogany cabinets. Put it in your kitchen or a living room, it can completely blend with your stainless steel appliances or your modern furniture, while providing sophisticated washing and drying technology for revolutionary results. You can match finish, handles and have top notch laundry right where you need it most – all with ASKO fully integrated laundry system.

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