Miele Flacon tumble dryer

Your freshly dried clothes will now smell like roses. Well, not exactly but the 8kg T8866 WP Flacon tumble dryer from Miele comes with Cocoon fragrance pods which you can place in a designated holder to have fresh smelling laundry each and every cycle. Additional Cocoon as well as Aqua and Nature perfume pods sell for around £10.

The ‘AAA’ rated Flacon condenser dryer features Plus LCD display that shows settings and programs in different languages, sculptured honeycomb drum, environmentally friendly heat pump, delay start, anti-crease option, extended drying option and 12 programs – Automatic, Cottons, Minimum Iron, Woollens Handcare, Express, Denim, Shirts, Outerwear, Sportswear, Silks Handcare, Gentle Smoothing and Timed Drying Warm Air & Cool Air.
In addition, Miele Flacon tumble dryer has Perfect Dry function on sensor controlled drying programs that measures the residual moisture in the load as well as the conductivity level of the water to gauge exactly when the laundry is perfectly dry. Price for Miele T8866 WP is around € 1,900.

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