Condenser tumble dryer – the softDry from Siemens

The new Siemens softDry condenser tumble dryer takes home laundry to the next level with its advanced features. Gone are the days of temperature fluctuations, insufficient space for decreasing and excessive mechanical stress. With their new 7-kg drum, this Siemens condenser tumble dryer provides your washed items with more room, allowing them to be gently and thoroughly dried by a current of air that retains a constant temperature. Thanks to the gentle motion and lack of tangling inside this newly designed drum, washed items comes out less creased and the need for ironing is minimized. For gentle fabrics, the condenser dryer features a superCare function, a two stage drying operation with an even lower temperature for delicate items. Woolen items are dried in a special insert, allowing items to be dried without rotation and minimizing creasing and wrinkling even more. The Woolen operation has achieved these dryers the Woolmark seal, making the softDry tumble dryer the first dryer to be awarded the seal for the “Woolens in Basket” program. Despite their impressive load capacity size, this condenser tumble dryer uses sparing electricity, placing them in the extra-frugal energy efficiency class B. With an ultra-smooth glass door, LCD display providing program status and touchControl keys, these softDry tumble dryers allow for easy viewing and operations. The measurements are W59.8 x H84.2 x D62.5 cm. The price is €800 or $1,055 USD. Previously, the Miele tumble dryer.

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