WiFi washer from Samsung

With the industry largest 4.5 cu. ft. capacity, the new WF457 front loading Samsung washer combines superior cleaning performance and a new Smart Control System to significantly streamline the laundry process and deliver the easiest and most efficient laundry experience ever. The WiFi-enabled WF457 washer Smart Control system allows you to stay connected to the washing cycle without having to remain close by the machine. Via a wireless router and a smart phone application, you can monitor cycle selections, remaining time and finishing alerts, as well as remotely start or pause the washer – a huge benefit to busy parents.

In addition, Samsung Smart Care system makes user manuals obsolete by quickly diagnosing washer issues and sending alerts to your smart phone. And the washer features the industry largest, intuitive and stylish 8″ color LCD touch screen for easy cycle selection.
The Samsung washing machine is also the company first to feature SpeedSpray, which delivers a cleansing shot of water with dissolved detergent and then a rinsing shot for improved rinsing performance. These result in a cycle time that is up to 25% shorter compared with conventional washers.
The 4.5 cu.ft. capacity allows you to fit 31 bath towels. And 7specialty cycles will take the guesswork out of laundry and provide the best washing performance and stain treatment for specific every day occasions. And unlike most stain treatment cycles that only remove a specific stain, Specialty Cycles of this front load washer treat all potential stains and dirt for the best cleaning results.
The WF457 Samsung washing machine also comes equipped with the Eco Seal, which prevents the build-up of residue around the washer door, as well as with Samsung exclusive PowerFoam Technology, which infuses detergent with air and water to create a powerful cleaning foam that penetrates fabrics quicker.
Other features of the WiFi washer include,
– Steam Cycles in the washer and matching dryer for enhanced stain removal, wrinkle reduction and fabric refreshing
– stainless steel diamond drum design that reduces wear and tear on delicate fabrics
VRT Vibration Reduction Technology Plus which makes the washer so quiet, it can be installed on second floors and near bedrooms, even at 1,300 revolutions per minute
– Smart Vent Sensing in the DV457 dryer that indicates blockages in vents and notifies you when it’s time to clean them, helping with overall appliance performance and reducing potential fire hazards
Recognized by Energy Star as a Most Efficient 2011 clothes washer, the WF457 is leading the charge toward eco-efficiency within the industry. This WiFi washer from Samsung uses just 96 kWh/year in electricity and up to 70% less water than top-loading washing machines, helping consumers save even more money on utility bills. In addition, the WF457 is the first Samsung washer to be Smart Grid-ready, a national program created in conjunction with utility providers to enhance the overall efficiency of electricity consumption and CO2 emissions, saving energy and reducing their electricity bills. The WF457 was also named a 2012 CES Innovations Award honoree in the eco-design category.
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