Miele W 3000 compact washers

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The new Miele washer, W 3000 is called Large Capacity washer, but this new line of rather compact washers, available in three models, is indeed compact, measuring only about W23.5″ x H34″ x D22.5″. Built into every W 3000 Miele washer is a proprietary intuitive MasterCare technology, offering an easy to use suite of over 18 programs, that are able to clean virtually everything including woolens, silks, comforters and other delicate fabrics once washed by hand or sent to a dry cleaner. According to the independent tests, the compact washer protects and extends the life of clothing by a factor of four, thanks to Miele revolutionary and patented stainless steel Honeycomb Care wash drum. And due to its design flexibility, Miele washing machine is stackable, and can be easily installed under the counter.
The compact Miele washer allows you to set a custom wash program, selecting from six heat and six spin settings, and choosing an extended wash for removing heavy soil or a sensitive setting with an added rinse to remove detergent residues. 11 MasterCare and 6 standard programs include Normal, Wrinkle-Free, Sanitize, Hand Wash, Woolens, Silks, Custom, Extra White, Delicates, Denim/Jeans, Dress Shirts, Pillows, Outerwear, Table Linens, Beach Towels, Express, Drain/Spin, Quick Rinse. Other features of these Miele washers include advanced touchtronic controls, display function, 24-hour delay start, digital program countdown display, fault indicators, child lock feature, self diagnostics, PC Update function, interior light, cast iron cradle and hydraulic suspension.
The matching Large Capacity Honeycomb Care tumble dryers have a wide range of patented sensor controlled and timed drying programs, including Turbo, Gentle and Full Load modes. Miele Touchtronic dryer comes with a microprocessor to monitor everything from moisture levels to drying temperatures, making adjustments as needed, to prevent over drying and over heating fabrics. The result is unparalleled laundry care with more uniform drying and significantly reduced creasing, and requiring less ironing. Going back to the W 3000 Miele washers, you can pick the W 3033 model in white for $1,850, the W 3035 compact washer in stainless steel retails for $2,050, and the W 3039i decor Miele washer is available for $2,300. Miele.

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