Vestel Turkish designed washing machines

Here are two washing machines from the company you most certainly have never heard before. There are only a few technical points to discuss about these Turkish designed washers, but the finishes look quite nice and I really like the names, Aramides and Lissotis.
Aramides comes with a matte stainless steel frame around the dark viewing window creating an aesthetically pleasant appearance. Control panel is quite user-friendly and an illuminated LCD operator panel will keep you informed about the ongoing program status and other washing related functions. The large 33cm front opening permits comfortable loading of the washing drum. The optimised twin jet technology makes Aramides very efficient. In fact, the washing machine is rated ‘A+++’ for energy consumption. It also has a 12-minute high-speed wash cycle which helps when you are in a rush.

The elegant front panel of the Vestel Lissotis combines nicely with a shining black body and a polished stainless steel porthole frame. The sleek and user-friendly design helps project a minimalist appearance. Ergonomically engineered controls of this front-loading washing machine are conveniently integrated for easy operation. Lissotis also comes with an advanced twin jet technology, achieving optimised energy consumption with ‘A+++’ energy rating and features a 12-minute wash cycle. Vestel.

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