Ariston Premier all in one washer dryer combo

If a conventional dryer doesn’t work for you because of lack of space or connection, then consider washer dryer combination from the Ariston Premiere line – the all in one washer dryer combo with up to 13 lbs in washing capacity and 15 lbs in drying load as an alternative. You don’t even have to remove the clothes. These all-in-one combo machines offer all the features from a daily cycle to a sanitary wash. The primary programs are Cotton Wash with Heavy, Regular, Light options, Permanent Press Wash with Heavy, Regular, Light options and Delicates Wash with Delicates, Silk, Wool. Features include variable temperature, variable drying time and variable spin speed with up to 1,200 rpm. Additional options of this Ariston washer dryer combination include Pre-Wash, Easy Timer to eliminate wrinkles, up to 24 hour Delay Timer, Extra Rinse and Bleach Stain Removal. With safety features such as Detergent Recovery System, Antifoam Protection and Overflow/Flood Protection, the Ariston Premier all in one washer dryer combo is an excellent space saving machine. Finished in stainless steel with stainless steel drum, the Ariston machine is priced around $1,000. Previously, Thor SoftLine ventless washer dryer combo.

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