Patio fires – elegant patio fire pits from Vermont Castings


The patio fires from Vermont Castings make you get home in hurry. Just a thought of coming from a long day of work to the warmth and elegance of a beautiful patio fire pit on a somewhat chilly but still bearable Autumn night for a romantic dinner or simply a glass of wine will have you drive very fast. Make it two, as you are going to sit and enjoy the soft flames for a long while. Either Vermont Castings fire pit, Chalet or Villa will turn your deck or patio into an all-season room of your home. Equipped with Patio Fire Insta-Flame Ceramic Burner and 6-piece Ceramic Fiber Log set, these patio fires come in natural gas at 75,000 BTUs, and propane at 65,000 BTUs. With a flick of on/off switch, you can spend long hours in a cozy comfort, be it on a wooden deck, stone, concrete or brick patio. Price for either Vermont Castings patio fire is $700. Previously, Vermont Casting grills and outdoor smoker box.

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