Bosch Nexxt dryer from 500 Series

The highly efficient and high performance Bosch Nexxt dryer from 500 Series is a perfect mate for the equally efficient Bosch washer. With drying times closely coordinated to the washer spin speed, both appliances will finish almost simultaneously, making sure neither you nor your clothes will ever be stuck waiting. An array of temperature sensors allow your laundry to dry in the most efficient manner possible. The 6.7 cu. ft Nexxt comes with LED display, stainless steel drum, reversible door, and are very quiet with 67 dBA silence rating, thanks to Bosch specially designed noise-dampening technology. Bosch Nexxt dryers also feature the unique Duotronic system with 11 drying programs that customize the drying cycle to your clothing. This system combines 2 moisture and 3 temperature sensors to automatically deliver precision drying. This Bosch dryer virtually operates at the touch of a button to prevent overdrying and damage to your clothes. In case you can’t get your laundry out at the end-of-cycle buzzer, extended WrinkleBlock provides up to an hour of intermittent tumbling, preventing creases from settling and, ultimately, reducing ironing time. Regular Cotton cycles are Extra Dry, Very Dry, Regular Dry and Damp Dry, while the ones for Permanent Press are Very Dry, Regular Dry and Damp Dry. In addition, this Bosch Nexxt dryer offers Timed Dry with 20, 40 and 60 minute intervals, Air Fluff/No Heat cycles and Delicates/Low Temperature option. Both, electric and gas Nexxt dryers come in white, red/white or blue/white with prices ranging from $900 to $1,100 USD. Bosch Appliances.

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