Son of Hibachi Barbeque – portable Grilletto

The Son of Hibachi barbeque is extremely versatile charcoal barbecuing system for home and travel. Originally based on the Japanese Hibachi cooking surface, the Grilletto barbeque offers its own blast furnace concept with the chimney effect, enabling you to cook in just 7 minutes and ensuring consistent heat. Simply place charcoal under the removable cast-iron grills and fill the special ash drawer with some flammable material. Then fold up the grill so it is closed and light the flammable materials you just placed in the ash drawer. The tall barbeque now triggers a chimney effect, so the charcoal is quickly heated.
You have massive 170 square inches of space to cook anything from hamburgers to hot dogs to steaks. When cooking is finished, you can fold Son of Hibachi into a self-cleaning oven and extinguish flames using flameproof snuff bag. And the Grilletto saves the unused charcoal for later use.
This optional rotisserie further expands your cooking possibilities. Equipped with a patented battery and a counter weight, it is easy to install and holds a 25 lbs turkey or roast, providing smooth rotation of your meal for even cooking and extended battery life. You can buy Grilletto with rotisserie for $80. Son of Hibachi Barbeque.

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