Grill Dome ceramic smoker grill – new Kamado grills from Infinity Series with auto hinge

The new all-weather Kamado grills from Grill Dome Infinity Series utilize new premium blend of TERAPEX Ceramics, which is composed of 7 natural and pure ceramics, and are capable of withstanding cooking temperatures up to 1,200°F, that is some 200°F higher than original Grill Dome ceramic smoker grills. These grills are designed for a perfect balance between porosity and density to deliver the best cooking experience for a variety of foods. Every new smoker grill comes with hardware made of 304 grade stainless steel, and is built with increased height for more cooking space, so you can smoke a 30 lbs turkey or cook meats and vegetables on several levels at the same time. With Grill Dome grill you smoke a 12 lbs turkey in just 2 hours, roast a whole chicken in only 40 minutes, or grill a chicken breast in an amazing 9 minutes. Other important attributes of this ceramic grill are fast, under 5 minutes start and, due to its unique double damper system, precise control over the glow of charcoal, smoke flavor and the temperature. It uses 70% less charcoal than traditional grills and with the double thick insulating ceramic walls, its outer surface gets only slightly warm to the touch, making it safe for use around children. Auto hinge ensures that the lid is always properly closed. Grill Dome currently offers Infinity Series ceramic smoker grill in 5 finishes – black, blue, green, red or cooper. Price is $630. Grill Dome.

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