Outdoor brick oven – Mediterranean wood fired brick ovens

An Australian made outdoor brick oven from Mediterranean Woodfired Ovens is available in five residential models, and is an investment in lifestyle and entertaining, taking outdoor living to the whole new level. Each uniquely designed brick oven provides efficiency and durability that will last for lifetime, requires almost no cleaning, very little maintenance, and provides countless options for outdoor cooking, including barbecuing, roasting, grilling, smoking and baking of meats, breads, seafood and vegetables. And residual heat allows slow cooking and baking, so you meal stays fresh. These cool to touch outdoor ovens feature fast light up times from 20 to 30 minutes and use very little wood. You can place your oven inside as well as outside without any covering. Inside this super efficient brick oven often doubles as a heat source in the cold nights and evenings. The aesthetically pleasing, handcrafted wood fired brick ovens will become a focal point of your backyard or interior decor. Offered in several colors and texture finishes as well as flue options, each outdoor brick oven can be further personalised with mosaics, tiles or paint.


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