Professional ovens by J. Corradi

100 GE Island
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The gorgeous customized Cascina stoves from J. Corradi bring professional grade cooking to European consumer and do in style. Built for the people who simply love cooking and have means to indulge their passion, these professional stoves are kept in families for generations. Made from solid steel, cast iron, brass and high end enamels, these retro styled professional ovens feature very functional and modern cooking tops, large gas or electric multifunction ovens and expertly crafted details and finishing. Simply put, Cascina stoves are the best answer to your wish for Italian style and cuisine.
60 GE oven
Choose among 5 colors – red, green, blue, ivory and black with stainless steel or brass trims. Get the full base or pick either carved or smooth feet and carved or porcelain handles in steel or brass. Now all you have to do is to configure your professional oven.
90 GE oven
Wood, gas, electricity. Whatever your wish is Cascina can deliver. You can personalize the cooking tops and choose among electrical, multifunction gas or radiated heat oven. Every aspect is customisable and built by expert hands using the best techniques in order to grant power, functionality, durability and precision.
100 GE oven
Custom cooker hoods are made of stainless steel and finished in the same colour if you wish to match your oven. Select professional style blower with either 800 m³/h or 1,200 m³/h extraction rate for top notch performance.
121 GE oven
J. Corradi adopts a unique solution offering you professional ovens with the very latest technology and guaranteeing the best and natural baking process, during which the combustion products generated by the gas burner never contact your foods. They circulate externally around the muffle, heating the entire oven evenly and equally. The simultaneous operation of the ceiling resistor or the grill and fan then brings you a range of baking processes typical of a multifunction oven. The bottom of the oven is made of a rugged enameled cast iron radiating plate for constant and homogeneous heat diffusion throughout the oven.
122 GE oven
122 GE island
150 GE oven
The 60, 90 and 100 Series ovens can be made as high-quality wood burning stoves. These retro looking and very functional models can be combined with other professional Cascina ovens, giving you the best of everything.

corradi-180-lge-cascina-stoves.jpg180 LGE oven
Main features of these wood burning stoves include,
– stainless steel external upper frame
– cast iron cooking plate
– large capacity firebox covered with refractory bricks
– polished or chromium plated brass doors with lock
– long burning, from 6 to 8 hours fire
– completely enamelled oven interior in 90L and 100L Series
– easily cleaned
– rear smoke exhaust
For further information on these professional grade, Italian crafted ovens see J. Corradi.
190 LGE oven
200 LGE oven

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