Vintage oven – built-in Nostalgic oven from Neff

This built-in Nostalgic oven from Neff Series 2 may have the looks of vintage appliances, but features the most advanced cooking technology Neff offers in its built-in ovens. The 58 litre vintage oven comes with CircoTherm which virtually eliminates need for preheating, saving you time and energy cost. It utilizes a powerful fan, which continuously recycles air back and forth from inside of the oven, heating it very rapidly. The CircoTherm can also circulate unheated air throughout the oven, greatly speeding up defrosting times. The thermostatically controlled, full surface grill element, located on the inside of this vintage oven roof, helps to maintain constant required temperature. This grill is also excellent for roasting meats and poultry. Neff AquaCleanse softens greasy residues, so you can easily wipe them with water from the enamel finished and ceramic interior. Other features of the oven are nostalgic analogue clock, automatic programmer, and triple glaze, full glass inner door. The vintage details include nostalgic metal fascia, color coordinated controls, door design and style bar handle. This vintage oven comes with a full width enamel pan, high/low wire shelf, two flat wire shelves and cook book. Also available in black. Buy the Nostalgic Neff oven for just over £503. Previously, built-in Baumatic retro ovens.

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