Retro coffee machine and microwave oven from Restart

If you like the cool retro look of Restart antique appliances, you can now have it in built-in 60cm wide coffee machine and microwave oven. Can be yours in any RAL color or, by special order, entirely in in burnished brass.

Inside of the retro coffee machine and oven are modern and very advanced Miele systems. The coffee machine can make espresso, latte macchiato and cappuccino from already ground coffee or whole beans, and features self cleaning cycle and 15-bar pump. You can also create and store several custom profiles, so everyone has espresso or latte exactly to his or her taste . Both ‘A’ rated retro appliances come with Miele Navitronic control display that guides you in plain text in some 20 different languages.
Built-in retro microwave oven offers 15 methods of cooking, including microwave plus, thermovent, grill, top and bottom heat, bottom heat, grill and fan, intense cooking, roasting, automatic, thaw and 4 combined modes. You also get numerous presets programs and over integrated 100 recipes. Restart.

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