Cook & Grill telescopic cooking center Zoom II by Kuppersbusch

Ths Kuppersbusch telescopic cooking center, the Zoom II Cook and Grill center is essentially an ergonomically recessed glass ceramic cooking surface which can extend or zoom. The glass ceramic cooktop comes with motor-driven, ball bearing guided, telescopic section, thus enabling you to extend cooking surface from 3 to 5 cooking zones. Features include glass ceramic grilling surface on the upper level, conveniently located and easy to use front sensor touch controls which include 9-level power controls and central switch-off controls, automatic booster cooking phase, and 5 cooking zones with residual heat indicator. The Kuppersbusch telescopic cooking centers play it very safe with three safety components – child lock, safety switch for rear cooking zones and automatic safety cut-off which limits operation duration time. The telescopic Zoom II Cook and Grill 5 cooking zones are quite powerful and versatile – one 23/14.5 cm dual-circuit cooking zone with 2,300/1,000 Watts of cooking power, two 18 cm cooking zones 1,800 Watts each, two 14.5 cm each with 1,200 Watts and one grilling surface with 1,960 Watts. The glass ceramic center size is approximately W90 x H10 x D61 cm, making it rather compact for the very considerable power and performance. The price is quite considerable too, running over $6,300 USD, and no, the hood is not included. Kuppersbusch. Also Kuppersbusch freestanding, mobile electric Gourmet grill.

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